Jen's Mountain Top Adventure Boudoir


Traffic jams. Time changes. Rolling thunder heads. Rock Spiders.

All things that come to mind when picturing a serene outdoor boudoir session, right? Yeah… Not so much. But never the less, we kept going!

Let’s take a little step back, because for anyone thinking of booking a boudoir session with me, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. Typically a boudoir session goes one of two ways:

  1. We choose a private indoor location without any risk of bad weather or throngs of unwelcome arachnids.

  2. We choose a secluded (though typically not entirely private), outdoor location and plan the session during ideal times and temperatures to give us maximum amounts of privacy and safety.

However, adventure boudoir is it’s own breed. These sessions typically take place outdoors, though often not in 100% secluded locations. We still look for times with the lowest possible traffic, but these are typically public lands with gorgeous sweeping vistas and rocky cliffs. Add a fast moving and impending thunderstorm to the mix (not originally in the weather forecast) and a whole host of other unexpected surprises, and usually this means a re-schedule. But when Jen uttered the phrase “Nothing is standing in the way of my session,” I knew we were in for some truly epic images.

Makeup by Vero Leigh