Brandon's Artsy Midtown Portrait Session

So, here is the honest truth:

More than 90% of my inquiries are from women. In fact, that number is closer to 100%.

More than 90% of my sessions either include women or are solely for women.

Because of that, AND the fact that my style has always been more romantic, I always get a bit nervous shooting men's portraits. I'm constantly worried I won't deliver as strong of a final gallery, or that the men inquiring will picture something different than what I am giving them.

First of all, this is wrong on SO many levels. By thinking this way, I have been putting myself and my male identifying clients in a little box. Brandon, all I can say is thank you. You changed my entire way of thinking on this! Your desire for my style and belief in my ability created so much good energy and I was inspired.

Because of your trust, this session is PACKED with dramatic shadows, pops of gorgeous color, dynamic poses, and the perfect flow of warm golden hour into moody blue hour. I could seriously relive this session forever .

Annie Minicuci6 Comments