Photo by Sparrow and Lace

Photo by Sparrow and Lace

HI THERE! I'M ANNIE. I’ve never been very good at describing myself (which is probably why I am an artist and not a writer), but I will do my best! I am a red headed, Jersey born, book reading, food loving, movie marathoning, people person, who loves all things cozy! Fuzzy blankets, autumn leaves, hot drinks – gimme all that warm and cozy goodness! But most importantly, I am wife to my best friend in the world, a fierce cat mom (hopefully someday mom to a pupper as well), and lover of Jesus.

If you are looking for 100% staged perfection, that is not me. I am in search of real people, deep hearts, and authentic moments.



 Capturing people, couples, or families EXACTLY where they are is what I love. Bring on the chaos, bring on the mess! I love all of my clients, but so much of my heart and passion is for the inspiring women who are brave enough to invest in themselves and allow me the privilege of guiding them through self love sessions (wondering what that is? Check out my Self Love Gallery to find out). I want you to look back on your photos with so much love and real emotion. Whether you are booking a wedding, self-love session, or family portraits, I want to provide you with a great memory and an unforgettable experience.



Thanks so much for reading all my ramblings. If you think we’d be a good fit please reach out, I’d love to hear your story!