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Rebecca Biddle   |   Self-Love Session

"Oh my goodness, where do I even start?! I had been wanting to shoot with Annie for quite some time now, but geographically it just hadn’t worked out. But when I had the chance to do a Self Love session with her, I jumped at the chance! She never stopped impressing me, from beginning to end, with how organized and detail oriented she is. This girl woke up at 5 something in the morning (!!) on a Saturday (!!!!!!) for me so we could coordinate getting my make up done and still make it to our spot on time to take advantage of the best lighting. Despite being in the middle of a field in lingerie, Annie made the experience FLAWLESS.

I can honestly say I’ve never been more comfortable. Behind the camera lens, she is truly in her element. She is focused, quick thinking, and imaginative. When I finally got my finalized photos, I was speechless. It can be hard to see oneself in an objective way, knowing all the “flaws” that you possess. But seeing these images, I saw myself in a different light. Those “problem areas” or things about myself that caused me to be self conscious took on a new life and I felt radiant. I could go on and on, but any session booked with Annie will not disappoint. She is truly one of a kind.”


Alexa Moody   |   Christmas Minis

“I have worked with Annie many times for different types of photography - boudoir, a Christmas shoot with my husband, professional head shots, etc. - and she has always been an absolute blast. Her photos are incredible, but more importantly, she is an incredible person. She is a delight to work with, is open to ideas, and treats each session, each client, and each and every photo with a tenderness as though she was working on her own family. She is so comfortable to be around and she's great at making your personality shine through in the best angles. I cannot say enough good things about her and her craft. 10/10, hire her. You will not regret it.”

Danielle Vucetich   |   Maternity Session

“Annie is amazing! I am someone who feels awkward in front of the camera, and she made me feel relaxed, beautiful, and special, and I had a really fun time! Her talent and passion shine through her work and she is very creative and artistic. Gorgeous work (and yet incredibly fast with getting me the pictures)!”

Wendy Marumoto-Vlahos   |   Couples Session

“Both my husband and I "hate" doing photoshoots, as the camera just doesn't love us. Annie had great ideas for each of us to do, as she shot photos. Things to distract us so it did not feel like a photoshoot. The "venues", the suggestions on what to do as we walked, what we could say to each other, made it a fun, and enjoyable time. We love the photos of each of us AND the couples shots. Annie is the photographer you want. Great job Annie!”


Joshua C   |   Historic Shady Lane Wedding

“Annie was absolutely a dream to work with as our engagement and wedding photographer. Not only is Annie extremely gifted in lighting and composition, but she also has a tremendous work ethic and an unbelievable ability to remain both calm and positive when unexpected situations arise. My now-wife reminded me that Annie did her job while also doing some impromptu crowd control and kept my wife calm throughout the entire pre-wedding process with her sense of humor and relaxed disposition. She even dealt with my impish groomsmen, and still managed to stay laser-focused. My wife and I cannot recommend Annie highly enough!”


Chelsea Norman   |   Couples Session

“She's done a few "Couple Shoots" of us. Of any photographer we've ever worked with, she is our absolute favorite! She's very imaginative and loves to *create* scenes to capture the best pictures possible of couples actually interacting, not just posing in the stereotypical ways. (For example, "think of a word that describes your SO and whisper it in their ear). She captures really raw and true moments that happen between couples. In some ways, because of these promptings, photos with her become a love refresher between my husband and I because we get to whisper things in each others ear, or tell each other things we like about each other, or flirt and play together. And she does all this while taking some of the most beautiful photos that we will cherish forever!”


Molly Hurford   |  NY Destination Wedding

“Annie Minicuci was the absolute raddest wedding photog(rapher) we could have asked for.”


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